FAQs – Creating UDL Materials

Can my students create and publish their own work?

Yes! E-publishing is relatively new in the classroom. Most of the major programs used to create books can be used to publish student stories! The Adobe™ Suites program features an e-publish feature that creates an ISBN (book tracking number); however this software is very expensive. A cheaper alternative is the CAST Bookbuilder site. There are some key points to remember: (A) the work has to be created by the student and, (B)  pictures and images need to be created by the student.

How do you create a book using Bookbuilder?

A brief, 4-step example of how to use UDL in coursework

Wojcik, 2014. Using Boardmaker Speaking Dynamically Pro Ver 6.0

(Reminder: In order to take full advantage of the free resources available through CAST through their website at http://www.cast.org, you will need to create a username and login. This login will enable you to save lessons, books you create through Bookbuilder, and to participate in the UDL Connect discussions.)

Using the CAST Bookbuilder is fairly straight forward.  To begin you need to have a document drafted or you need to have text that you would like to convert ready to use. You can use free public domain books. Most people recommend you collect the images/photos prior to visiting the CAST Bookbuilder website. When you visit the CAST website you will need a login and a password.   After you log in, you can begin creating the book. On the left side of the screen you need to click “Create and edit my books.” Then you have to fill in a book title, author , and adapted by (fill in your name here).  You can designate content and grade level. At the bottom of the page you can add coaches.   It is smart to designate a coach for a particular job.  For example, one coach might prompt students to create effective notes, another coach might translate the work.   You can add or delete pages as necessary. When you create a page, you will need to designate the type of page.   You can publish and share the document.  You can add hyperlinks using the key

[Suggest that site developers include a link to a sample book created using the Bookbuilder tool.]

Books can be created for any grade level.  To avoid international copyright issues we recommend using public domain books or materials created by the teacher or students.